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Organisational Assessments, Evaluations & Reviews

Suitable for team leaders and managers


Organisational Assessments

There’s an area or part of your company that’s just not performing as you would like – you may not know what area or why and it subtly nags at you, which is surprisingly common. The phrase “Can’t see the wood for the trees” is a well known saying for a reason, and that is where we come in. Our assessments provide an independent, objective analysis of your business or department within.

Experienced in conducting assessments, evaluations and reviews across GB and Northern Ireland, we spend time in your company and work alongside, understanding and identifying where the blockers are, preventing you from achieving your true potential in your industry. Utilising our knowledge in leadership, team performance, communication, decision making, and problem-solving, we look to identify some immediate changes you can make to see results quickly.

Medium and long-term suggestions for change will be produced in a report for you to consider, to help you and your company thrive. If you’re interested in learning more about this, please click Contact Us

Your work has been invaluable and massively helpful

Evaluations and Reviews

A critical aspect of any programme of work, service introduction or change in working practices is the evaluation and review. The implementation phase can be such an exciting time, and then changes are adopted as ‘business as usual’ with sometimes scant regard to whether clear and measurable business improvements have actually been achieved. Internal reviews can risk unconscious bias and be subjective akin to marking your own homework. We provide independent, thorough evaluations of programmes, services or changes in working practices, producing a comprehensive review, which will leave you feeling more confident of the next steps and direction you need to move forward in.


Having read the report, I am really pleased we have decided to take this approach – definitely something we can work with and written in a very constructive way.