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Be More Gazelle

Biological Well-being

Suitable for everyone with a pulse

A group of Gazelles

We are incredibly proud of this product. Why? Because it is making a real difference to the people who have received it. Since the workshop began, 100% of delegates said they would recommend it to colleagues. From workshops delivered in 2022, 82% of delegates committed to take action to improve their lifestyle as a direct result. In 2023, this figure is 90% to date. On follow up, 90% of respondents have maintained their commitment, continuing actions to improve their lifestyle. That is 90% of people better able to care for themselves, their families, and their colleagues resulting in fewer days lost in the workplace and an improved team. Led by Zoe, who uses her knowledge from over two decades of experience tutoring biology to ensure that, whatever your knowledge, you leave with so much more and have fun along the way.

Well-being like you have never heard it before. This is the real biology you were never taught at school. The chemical changes that occur in your body when you are stressed, why they occur, the damage they can do, and how to recognise and most importantly alleviate them.

As a society, the focus on well-being largely centers around the mental health aspect. There are two aspects to a person – the body and the mind and both are vitally important in a person’s ability to be happy, healthy, and perform at their best.

Complementing existing Bio-psych-social models, five key physical symptoms of chronic stress, which can manifest far earlier than the mental symptoms, are thoroughly explained, offering clients the ability to adopt an early intervention approach to their wellbeing and that of their teams and families. Proven exercises leave clients better able to not only identify the biological responses to chronic stress but also to implement techniques to address them, resulting in an improved state of health and performance and the understanding of why we should all be more gazelle.


Key benefits for organisations

  • Less time lost through employee sickness.
  • Improved mental balance and resilience.
  • Heightened performance
  • Improved effectiveness in managing health concerns at the earliest opportunity.
  • Reduction in cost through reduced sickness
  • Improved employee satisfaction due to meaningful no-nonsense training and investment.
  • Evidence of a genuine commitment to social value

In the 44 years that I have worked here, this is probably the most beneficial course I have had the opportunity of attending

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This workshop genuinely brought about a number of light bulb moments for me. I have never associated the physical conditions with stress. The box breathing exercise was proof to me that such techniques can help moving forward. Thank you.

Mark - Bio wellbeing