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Why use us as mediators?

As an experienced and accredited interpersonal mediator with UK Mediation, Mark has experience in conducting effective and sensitive mediations in different organisations.

Our approach to mediation works!

Mediation is a way to mend relationships when there is a disagreement at work. The neutral and non-judgemental approach taken ensures that where there has been a breakdown in relationships, this can be resolved – even if previous attempts have failed. It’s not about judging who was right or wrong in the past but looking at how to agree on working together in the future.

Our approach to mediation is informal, flexible, voluntary and confidential… but most importantly, successful!

How mediation can help

Mediation helps to mend workplace relationships by:

  • finds solutions that everyone agrees to
  • improves communication
  • allows everyone involved having control of what’s finally agreed
mediation 1

A voluntary and confidential process

If people do not want to take part in mediation, the process will not take place. Mediation is voluntary and confidential. The mediator will agree with everyone involved on what information can be shared outside the mediation and how. From an employer’s perspective, you will not be informed of detail from the mediation unless all parties agree, but you can be reassured the outcome will be positive if everyone engages.

When mediation can be used

Mediation is used to resolve disagreements around workplace relationships that have become difficult to manage and are affecting the people involved, teams, and potentially productivity. Without an effective mediation, legal and disciplinary action can follow which is timely and expensive. Early engagement with us will assist in preventing escalation. We do not underestimate the impact of workplace issues, even if they have previously been belittled or minimised by others.

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You created a lightbulb moment for me and I feel so much better. Thank you.

Case Study

Mark was asked to mediate between a line manager and six direct reporting staff. There were concerns that the manager was failing to effectively communicate with his teams and his style was perceived to be inappropriate. Relationships had broken down and this was affecting the whole department’s performance. A process of mediation was conducted with each party engaged and a process of engagement agreed. Through the neutral mediation process, the air was cleared, objectives were set and the issue was resolved with dignity for all parties and no requirement for escalation to more legal processes, which had been previously anticipated. Both human and financial cost were minimised and 18 months on, the team was thriving with the same personnel.