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Decision Making & Problem Solving

Suitable for team leaders, managers and teams themselves


We all make decisions every day, often without consequence, but are you consistently making the best decisions? Good decision-making is not easy, it is an art. There are several methodologies to ensure the best decisions are made, but which is the best model out there for your circumstances? As a result of our extensive research and years of experience in applying these theories in a large range of circumstances at both operational and strategic levels, we can help clients learn which of the models offers the greatest benefit.

The right model will often depend on what types of decisions you are making, and identifying these can be more challenging than you might expect. We work with you to identify those types of decisions and provide you with a model you can rely on. Exercises, bespoke to your circumstances, are then employed to give you vital practice with our support. This ensures we leave you feeling confident that you can make good, defensible decisions, grounded in recognised theories, helping you and your team make the right choices to become the best in your field.


Problems faced by individuals, businesses, and organisations vary in their magnitude from seemingly unimportant, to those which make significant and long-lasting impacts on the successes and lives of people and the future of the business. We recognise having the responsibility for problem-solving can be very daunting and intimidating, particularly if it is approached without a recognised methodology to support each aspect of this, often complex and misunderstood vital skill. Clients learn several of the most effective models of problem-solving to understand which is the best to apply, depending on the nature of the problem they are responsible for solving. Using our extensive experience, we then work with clients on a real problem they are facing, showing how, by adopting the right model and methodology, they can feel confident in maximising the likelihood of achieving a sustained improvement or resolution to that problem.

Mark Decision making


Key benefits for organisations

  • Faster problem resolution
  • Improved innovation
  • Enhanced adaptability
  • Higher quality solutions
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Better risk management
  • Improved collaboration and communication
  • Cost savings
  • Increased productivity

I enjoyed using the different models to try and solve/identify problems, I like the way you talked about not only finding the issue but taking the time to really dig into it to attempt to get to the real cause of the issue, that was very thought provoking.