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Become the Ultimate Team – Be More Wolf

Leadership & Team Performance

Suitable for team leaders and managers and teams themselves


When we first put this together, we knew it would work and improve teams, but the level of impact was way above anything we could have imagined. Colleagues who had worked together for years suddenly saw each other differently and realised how they could interact better. It’s like everyone is in a long canoe that has been paddling down the river for years making ok progress, but when they synchronise the paddles, this team canoe is off! It is fantastic to see and so exciting to be able to help people achieve.


Key benefits for organisations

  • Improved employee performance
  • Better communication skills
  • Increased innovation
  • Reduced attrition and associated costs
  • Adaptability and resilience
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Employee well-being
  • Increased productivity
  • Strengthened relationships and trust
  • Reduced conflict and stress
  • Organisational learning and knowledge sharing

Thank you so much for the excellent input that you gave at the senior leadership event last week. It was the best session that I have taken part in, in many years of such events and I feel that it will have a lasting impact on how the leadership team interacts. It has definitely impacted positively on working relationships and understanding already.


Techniques and exercises are employed to help you build stronger, long-lasting working relationships which will enhance the performance and cohesion of your organisation; helping to ensure that it becomes the best in your field.

Leaders and their teams perform, and they achieve an aim, but is everyone performing at their optimum? Here the dynamics of leadership and the team function are explored, along with the often subtle and hard-to-identify blockers that prevent so many teams from achieving their true potential. Several theories of leadership and team performance are critiqued, including Patrick Lencioni and Simon Sinek, with the most effective blend for your organisation being identified. Powerful and impactive group work puts the theory into practice as we work alongside you to identify where and why your people, and potentially your productivity are being constrained, often where you didn’t realise.

The best work day ever